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30 Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA 2023

30 Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA 2023. Nak peperiksaan PSEE? Panduan buat calon yang bakal menduduki peperiksaan online SPA tahun 2023. Untuk makluman, peperiksaan online memasuki perkhidmatan awam (PSEE) dibahagikan kepada beberapa seksyen antaranya iaitu pengetahuan am, daya menyelesaikan masalah termasuk kefahaman bahasa Inggeris. Dalam artikel ini akan dikongsikan contoh soalan kefahaman bahasa Inggeris sebagai panduan buat calon SPA.

Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA 2022

30 Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA 2023

Berikut dikongsikan adalah maklumat tentang contoh soalan kefahaman bahasa Inggeris yang boleh dijadikan rujukan buat calon SPA : 

Format Dan Skop Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA 

Pada seksyen ini, anda boleh diuji dalam DUA pecahan berikut iaitu pengertian dan Kefahaman Esei Bahasa Inggeris atau Tatabahasa (Grammar) Bahasa Inggeris. 

Bagi pecahan pengertian dan kefahaman esei Bahasa Inggeris, anda diberikan dengan sebuah petikan Bahasa Inggeris dan diberikan pilihan jawapan. Petikan tersebut mungkin pendek dan mungkin panjang. Bilangan soalan ditanya antara lazimnya Dalam 5 atau 10 soalan bagi menguji kefahaman anda tentang petikan yang diberikan. 

Dalam pecahan kedua, anda akan diuji tentang tatabahasa iaitu penggunaan Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Conjunction, Interjection, Preposition dan lain-lain.  


Pronoun atau Kata Ganti adalah kata yang digunakan untuk menggantikan kata benda untuk orang atau benda. Contoh ringkas kata ganti adalah I, me, mine dan myself. Antara lainnya adalah seperti berikut : 

  • He - Him
  • She - Her
  • We - Us
  • They - Them
  • It - It


Adjective atau Kata Sifat adalah kata yang berfungsi menerangkan kata benda atau kata ganti. Terdapat beberapa jenis kata sifat dalam kategori ini. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh yang menggunakan adjective :

• this cup
• these cups
• take either side
• take neither side
• She ate much bread
• She ate the whole bread

Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA

Sample Questions Kefahaman Esei

Tipping is not a norm in our country because at most places, we would have already forked out a significant amount of money under ‘service charge’, and it can be extremely nerve wrecking when you have little choice but to hand over good money for bad service. Like many of our fellow countrymen, we have our share of complaints about the often- appalling service in Malaysia. We are not sure if it is due to the culture of our society, to the accelerating crime rate or just a general fear of coming across as vulnerable, but many of us seem reluctant to act on our instincts.

From a very young age, we have been taught to think before we speak and act. We are encouraged to rationalize and make practical decisions that benefit us in the short and long run. Therefore, we are crafting the perfect shield that prevents us from making hasty decisions that we may regret in future. 

So, when we see a beggar on the street, we learn to ignore the sight of him holding out his bowl for money. After all, he may be part of a syndicate out to swindle money from the general public. We couldn’t help but wonder when we had learnt to ignore our conscience and allowed caution, suspicion and selfishness to cloud kindness and compassion. 

At the very core of it, most Malaysians have 
good intentions. After all, we are known for our friendliness and warmth. We just have to learn not to be too selective on whom we bestow that upon. Many a time we have the urge to say something or help someone, but we hesitate and the moment passes us by. When we reflect, we are left with the feeling of slight regret, a feeling that we learn to quickly brush aside. 

If you feel like doing something nice, kind 
and generous, don’t think too much or analyse it for too long because before you know it, the moment will be gone and the chance is lost.

1. Why isn’t tipping a norm in Malaysia
A. Because tipping is similar to bribing
B. Because Malaysians are not sure of an amount to give as a tip
C. Because it is frustrating to give money over a poor service
D. Because an amount of money is given through service charge

2. Many of us seem reluctant to act on our instincts is probably because we are 
A. Afraid
B. excited
C. nervous
D. confused

3. What would be the best title for the passage? 
A. Let’s not make tipping a practice
B. Society Norms versus Instincts
C. Customer is always right
D. Human complications

4. According to the passage, the following statements are true about Malaysians except 
A. most of them have good intentions
B. they are known for their friendliness and warmth
C. They like to make hasty decisions
D. They seem reluctant to act on their instincts

5. Why isn’t tipping a norm in Malaysia? 
A. Because tipping is similar to bribing
B. Because Malaysians are not sure of an amount to give as a tip
C. Because it is frustrating to give money over a poor service
D. Because an amount of money is given through service charge

6. The phrase ‘to hand over good money for bad service’ means that 
A. To pay for a bad service
B. To pay for a good service
C. To reward service with money
D. To reward regardless of the quality of the service 

Sample Questions Grammar

7. The prisoner managed to get away yesterday and the police are still looking for him. 
A. esteem
B. escape
C. enroll
D. hid

8. Emma cried out with happiness at the beautiful present her sister gave her. 
A. horror
B. dismay
C. delight
D. anger

9. Many Malay movies nowadays are depicting different aspects of the society but tendency is still towards producing love story. 
A. story
B. trend
C. design
D. motive

10. Rina came home at 11.00 p.m yesterday and is extremely tired. 
A. bored
B. delighted
C. desperate
D. exhausted

11. Although he played _________, he still lost the game. 
A. good
B. better
C. the best
D. well

12. They received the reply ____________ than expected. 
A. soon
B. sooner
C. the sooner
D. soonest

13. A toddler is too little to take care of himself. 
A. young
B. old
C. soon
D. much

14. That was __________ flood in many years. 
A. worse
B. worse than
C. the worse
D. the worst

15. The _________ climate in tropics enables crops like rubber and oil palm to grow. 
A. cool
B. cold
C. warm
D. hot 

16. He snatched her neck and squeezed until her ability to _________ was hindered.
A. breathe
B. breath
C. braeth
D. breeth
Jawapan: A 

17. What is the subject of this sentence? “After dinner I like to have a little sleep in front of the television.”
A. sleep
B. television
C. I
D. dinner
Jawapan: C 

18. Which of these sentences has wrong prepositions?
A. He picked up the penny from beneath the couch.
B. Side from singing, she also plays the piano at the bar.
C. My car is parked in front of the mailbox.
D. The loud noise came from within the stadium.
Jawapan: B

19. So many marriages have ____________ over lack of money.
A. came down with
B. came in
C. came to grief
D. came about 
Jawapan: C

20. She is jealous _____ my success.
A. at
B. of
C. about
D. off 
Jawapan: B

21. Choose the correct sentence.
A. Shamsul is more taller than his brother.
B. This holiday is the best than last year’s trip to Japan.
C. I hope today is a good day and I will be more productive.
D. I think that my little sister is the most cutest girl in her class.
Jawapan: C 

22. Choose the wrong prefixes for the root word;
A. polite / inpolite
B. interested / disinterested
C. qualified / unqualified
D. regular / irregular 
Jawapan: A

23. Choose the correct adverbs of manner;
He ate the chocolate cake ________.
A. slow
B. quick
C. greedily
D. deliciously 
Jawapan: C

24. Which word is spelled wrongly?
A. questionaire
B. insight
C. democracy
D. necessary
Jawapan: A

25. They are excellent _________ planning outdoor weddings, especially garden weddings.
A. about
B. at
C. with
D. on
Jawapan: B

26. Choose sentence with correct conjunction.
A. The white house by the lake is spacious but expensive.
B. Mika strived hard for his final exam so he did not attain good results.
C. The seamstress works diligently moreover she gets a compliment from her supervisor
D. Neither the man or the woman is a good surfer.
Jawapan: A

27. When Khaliff says that, “I see eye to eye with Falina”, he means that ...
A. He is in love with Falina.
B. He agrees on something with Falina.
C. He meets Falina in person.
D. He looks very similar to Falina.
Jawapan: B

28. Which of these sentences has wrong prepositions?
A. She sat across from Umar.
B. He works one job during the day and another on night.
C. We were in the middle of the storm.
D. He has gym class in addition to his regular classes today. 
Jawapan: B 

29. The _________ is still at the experimental stage.
A. equitment
B. equipmen
C. equipment
D. equiment
Jawapan: C

30. 8,015,201 in word form is ...
A. eight billion, fifteen thousand, two hundred one
B. eight million, one hundred five thousand, twenty one
C. eight million, zero one five thousand, two hundred one
D. eight million, fifteen thousand, two hundred one
Jawapan: D

Penafian : Contoh soalan di atas adalah hanya bentuk gambaran sahaja bukannya soalan bocor atau pun ramalan daripada SPA.

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Untuk makluman Tim infokerjaya ada terbitkan satu rujukan lengkap untuk persediaan buat calon bagi menghadapi peperiksaan online SPA. Rujukan ini dilengkapi dengan nota-nota, contoh-contoh soalan pengetahuan am, Matematik dan kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris beserta jawapan dan jalan kerja.

Ini yang anda bakal dapat dalam rujukan ;
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BACA JUGA : Contoh Soalan Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah SPA

Penafian : Laman web SPA8i.net tiada sebarang kaitan dengan laman web rasmi Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA9). Laman ini hanya kongsikan atau sampaikan informasi kepada umum sebagai pengetahuan sahaja. 

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