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Cara Jawab Soalan Temuduga Dalam Bahasa Inggeris

Cara Jawab Soalan Temuduga Dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Sesiapa saja menghadiri temuduga sudah pastinya akan merasa gementar dan gugup apabila ditanya soalan oleh penemuduga. Tambahan pula kini kebanyakan tempat kerja kena menjawab soalan temuduga dalam bahasa Inggeris dan menjadi kesukaran buat para calon. Oleh itu sebelum anda menghadiri temuduga pastikan anda telah membuat persediaan yang rapi sebelum menjejak bilik panel temuduga.

Cara Jawab Soalan Temuduga Dalam Bahasa Inggeris

Cara Jawab Soalan Temuduga Dalam Bahasa Inggeris

Berikut dikongsikan adalah maklumat tentang contoh soalan temuduga dalam Bahasa Inggeris termasuk memaparkan jawapan untuk menjawab soalan :

1. Tell me about yourself?

- I'm really energetic and a great communicator. Working in sales for two years helped me to build confidence and taught me the importance of customer loyalty.
- I'm punctual, dependable, can be counted upon to finish what I started.
- I understand my customers needs

2. Why did you leave your previous job?

- I've learnt a lot from my current role, but now I'm looking for a new challenge to be broaden my horizons and to gain a new skill-set-all of which I see the potential for in this job.
- I'm looking forward to better opportunity to grow in job wise and financial wise. I want to learn more things, where am looking.
- I'm looking for a job thats suit my qualifications

3. What are you currently doing?

- My work is important to me, so instead of rushing to accept the first thing that comes my way. I'm taking my time and being selective to make sure my next role is the right one.
- I'm working on several freelancer projects while actively job seeking.

4. What are your strengths?

- I believe my strongest traits is my attention to detail. This trait has helped me tremendously in this field of work.
-  I've always been a great team player. I'm good at keeping a team together and producing quality work in a team environment.

5. What are your weakness?

- I've never been very comfortable with public speaking which as you know, can be hindrance in the workplace. Realizing this was a problem. I asked my previous employer if I could enroll in a speech workshop. He said "yes". I took the class was able to overcome my lifelong fear. Since then, I've given lots of presentation to audience of over a 100 high level executives. I still don't love it but no one else can tell.

Semoga perkongsian ini dapat dijadikan panduan buat calon. Jangan lupa kongsikan kepada rakan anda lain yang bakal menduduki temuduga.

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